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Tips to Reduce Crime

Due to the rising crime rate, directly contributed to the growing prescription drug abuse, We at Jackson County Pawn, along with our local Law Enforcement; Suggest you do the following things to help protect your belongings.

1.  Check and make sure all door and window locks are operating properly, and use them.
2.  If you have a lock on a window or door that is not functioning, use a properly sized board or a piece of broomstick as a temporary fix.
3.  Photograph and document (serial numbers, and detailed descriptions) of all your valuable items, and keep a record at another location than your home.
4.  Put your valuables in a certified safe, such as a gun safe, or a hidden compartment.
5.  Make sure your valuables are insured for the proper amount, and any REAL VALUABLE items should be kept in a safety deposit box at your bank.
6.  Participate in any community action groups that are around, if you don’t have one, consider starting one.
7.  Contact law enforcement if you plan to take a vacation.
8.  WATCH what you post on Social Networks, You may tip somebody off to something that you may not want them to know.

If you have any good ideas, post them for us all to see. Thank You.

New Items Added to Stock

Hey all,

We just added some new items to our stock and thought you should take a look if you are interested in getting a new guitar, organ, or any new firearms. Here’s a preview… you can get a look at all the items on the For Sale page <–use link, or click the For Sale Button on top of the webpage.

Crate PCM-6+ powered mixer. A must for a small venue , practice room, church, or an installed application. This 6 channel powered mixer is in good working condition and has a built in EQ. Call for more details. Good price for $250.00

Older Hammond A-100 Electric Organ, with footpedals and Leslie tone cabinet. This is a fully functional Organ looking for a good home. Shipping not available. In-Store Pick-Up Please. Call for our special price.

NEW Daisy Rock Retro-H semi hollow body guitar. Great deal, call for details.

Ruger 77R MkII stainless steel on grey laminate stock, 16″ barrel Bolt Action Bushnell scope, in a 7mm-08 cal. Call for Details.

Shotguns and Rifles

Jackson County Pawn has a great collection of rifles and shotguns for you to choose from. Call or stop by the shop for more information.

Muscial Instruments

Jackson County Pawn has a wide variety of musical instruments from amps to guitars and lots of more in between. Call or come by the shop and see what’s playing.

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